Civil War Rifling Machine (1853) App


Two of the most important innovations in the manufacture of weapons during the Civil War were the addition of rifling to the inside of handgun and rifle barrels, and the ability to mass-produce those barrels for the Union Army. In 1853 Robbins & Lawrence manufactured a rifling machine that helped produce more than 1.5 million rifled barrels by the end of the Civil War.

This educational app provides a detailed look at the 1853 Robins & Lawrence Rifling Machine using real-time 3D.

Price: Free


Although the rifling machine is historically interesting, the focus of the app is on the key mechanical elements that allow the machine to quickly and accurately cut the rifling on the inside of each barrel. The machine itself is animated to illustrate the interaction of all of the components during operation.

  • The 3D app allows the user to pan and zoom interactively to explore the machine from almost any angle or position.
  • A menu allows the user to select from a list of key mechanical components, while additional information explains their specific functions.
  • Additional navigation features allow the user to proceed through each of the key mechanical components one at a time.



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